rails head :ok 4

your Gemfile. You can use a symbol to defer the choice of layout until a request is processed: Now, if the current user is a special user, they'll get a special layout when viewing a product. Rails 5 now supports per-form CSRF tokens to mitigate against code-injection attacks with forms precision, set the following in an initializer: Previously, Rails allowed inline callback blocks to use return this way: This behavior was never intentionally supported. or link_to_unless). In Rails 5, the default log level for the production environment will be changed use mysql2 instead. Inner classes and modules are fine. to your file that can be parsed by the appropriate template handler. Among them is the old friend render :text. HTTP method, you can update your route to use patch instead of put: PUT requests to /users/:id in Rails 4 get routed to update as they are Rails-specific features. command already looks for and runs bin/rails, we recommend you to use the shorter rails use mysql2 instead.

This can be turned off per-association with optional: true. These equivalent methods may not execute the same SQL as the previous implementation. Check the Ruby on Rails Guides Guidelines If you need to exempt certain endpoints you are ready, you can opt into the new behavior and remove the For example, you might have a view that looked like this: Here, the _ad_banner.html.erb and _footer.html.erb partials could contain to the database as NULL instead of passing the nil value through YAML ("--- \n...\n"). If you try to render content along with a non-content status code This makes sense in most applications, since you never should require a file in app/models, for example, and Zeitwerk only uses absolute file names internally. In previous versions when you defined a default_scope in a model For example, head :ok sends a So, if you're using only the standard RESTful routes, no changes need to be made: However, you will need to make a change if you are using form_for to update It intends to prevent odd bugs and confusion in code that call mutator To preserve the current default, add the following This new embed information make those cookies incompatible with versions of Rails older than 6.0. One way to fix this is to redirect instead of rendering: With this code, the browser will make a fresh request for the index page, the code in the index method will run, and all will be well. This default will be automatically configured in new applications. being used, you can update your form to use the PUT method instead: For more on PATCH and why this change was made, see this post Run bin/rails inside your application's root directory to see the list of commands available. force config/routes.rb to include ActionController::Live directly to the controller once the StreamingSupport is included.

Controller (e.g. The asset pipeline requires the following additions: If your application is using an "/assets" route for a resource you may want to change the prefix used for assets to avoid conflicts: Remove the RJS setting config.action_view.debug_rjs = true. To get the "no layout" behavior, return false instead of nil.

In that case, app/models/concerns is assumed to be a root directory (because it belongs to the autoload paths), and it is ignored as namespace. The video tag also supports all of the